Na wa Sísik ta techtechnís

[Hummingbirds flying]
Artist Concept:: T’uy’t’tanat- Cease Wyss
Original Design Hummingbird 2 D:: Jolene Andrew
Tilt brush Artist 3D :: Moni Garr
The original inspiration of this concept came from a story that was shared with me by my late partner and dear friend, Xuuyaah- Terrance Richard Baker. He share a story of the Haida people venturing out to the big ocean, centuries ago. The Haida did not know where they were headed and when they landed on the Hawaiian shores they stayed for a time. When it was time to leave they were concerned about how to get home. A bouquet of Hummingbirds swarmed the canoes and lead the Haida home. There have been no hummingbirds known to still exist in Hawaii since this time.
Featured in the VMF Winter Arts Festival 2021 -